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  Tank Lining
  Water & Wastewater
  Floor Systems
  Structural Painting
  Machine Painting
  Industrial Cleaning
  Secondary Containment
(Resurfacing, Renovation &
New Construction)
Barrier Lining provides corrosion and abrasion protection for tanks, pools, floors, and many other substrates. Analyzing and understanding a project’s environment allows us to recommend the correct lining for a variety of surfaces. Specializing in steel, concrete, and fiberglass to restore the following:
  • Hot and cold water tanks (Certified NSF-61 coatings for use with potable water), condensate return tanks, deaerator tanks, makeup tanks, cooling towers, grease traps.
  • Swimming pool, spa, and fountain linings renovations with 100% epoxy.
  • PVC liners for pools and fountains.
  • New stainless steel pool construction and stainless steel gutter systems.
  • Floor coating systems for all types of commercial and industrial properties.
  • Structural painting for all types of commercial and industrial properties.
  • Concrete repair and restoration.

Let Barrier Lining, Inc. help you protect and maintain your facilities. We provide long term durability and the longest warranties in the industry. Call Barrier Lining, Inc. today for a quote on your next project.

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