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(Resurfacing, Renovation &
New Construction)

(Resurfacing, Renovation and New Construction)

Barrier Lining offers several options for your pool resurfacing needs. We use a 100% epoxy coating or PVC liner to add long-lasting beauty and years of maintenance free service specializing in steel, concrete, and fiberglass substrates. We can help restore or rebuild what you already have. Our 100% epoxy will never peel like paint and a PVC liner never needs painting. We also offer stainless steel pools and spas for new construction and stainless steel gutters for renovation of existing pools.

  • Swimming pool, spa, and fountain linings renovations with 100% epoxy.
  • PVC liners for pools and fountains.
  • New stainless steel pool construction and stainless steel gutter systems

New Construction & Renovation
  Stainless Steel Pools
  Stainless Steel Spas
  Stainless Gutter Systems
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