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Stainless Steel Gutter Systems (New Construction & Renovation)

Stainless Steel Perimeter Recirulation Systems:
Stainless steel swimming pool perimeter recirculation systems provide water supply and return in a self-contained gutter profile. Pre-engineered to be smooth and perfectly level around the pool perimeter, our proven state-of-the-art designs combine gutter and plumbing is required for water circulation. This makes our perimeter systems ideal for fast and efficient construction or renovation. Our special in-pool surge storage relieves the need for additional surge storage tanks.

Unlike conventional systems, long-lasting, clean stainless steel eliminates tiling, coping or concrete maintenance. Leaking that can occur from broken or buried pipes, ground movement and settling are eliminated reducing repair costs.

We offers its V-Series™, Basic Open™, Posiflo™, and MultiFlo™, perimeter systems in three profile configurations. Whether you require a gutter for competition, instruction, recreation, or a special environment, we can provide both design and fabrication. We can take the guesswork out of pool construction providing a gutter that will serve your facility’s needs for years to come.

Cost Effective Pool or Aquatic Facility Construction
This stainless steel perimeter recirculating systems can be combined with Uniwall™ pool systems to construct cost effective, durable swimming pool facilities.

Safe Durable PVC Perimeter Grating
Strong permanently white and slip-resistant, grating system provide a comfortable surface and ensure safety with DIN and internationally compliant 8 mm openings. ASTM 1028C certified. Custom black PVC markings and color gratings also available.

Ideal for instruction or Recreation
Perimeter systems provide easy, safe access and a comfortable surface for any pool activity.

Zero Depth Entry and Beach Pools
Our perimeter systems are ideal for zero entry and beach type leisure pool configurations.

Perfect for New Construction Even Better for Renovation!
Our perimeter systems offer fast, cost effective new construction and are the perfect solution for pool renovation. Even the most deteriorated pools can be made “like-new” with our perimeter system!

Perimeter Recirculation System Advantages:

Efficient Water Movement
Water moves efficiently throughout the gutter system providing balanced water distribution.

Permanently Watertight
All seams art TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welded and hydrostatically tested.

Stainless Steel Construction
We use a special 12-gauge type 304 (T304) stainless steel. Low in carbon content, T304 stainless steel resists corrosion.

Minimizes Buried Piping
Are gutters eliminate the need for buried perimeter pipes that can be expensive to repair or replace when damaged.

Gutters with perimeter grating are supplied with PVC ASTM certified slip-resistant I-Bar or T-Bar grating.

Surge Control
Our special in-pool surge storage eliminates the construction of expensive surge control tanks.

Ten Year Warranty
Our warranty insures that your system will perform properly for years to come.

Optional Equipment
We offer many options to customize your perimeter recirculation system.

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