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Stainless Steel Pools (New Construction)

Uniwall Swimming pool Systems:
Uniwall concept is a complete, pre-engineered swimming pool construction systems. The Uniwall pools feature stainless steel construction, colorful PVC pool interiors, perimeter recirculating systems and a perimeter pool surround to meet any activity or program need.

Uniwall swimming pool systems are fully engineered construction systems that simplify new construction or renovation. These complete construction systems are virtually leakproof, low maintenance and cost effective. Uniwall pool system offer design creativity and flexibility, and easily adapt to any size or shape of pool.

In many cases, Uniwall pool systems can be used where traditional construction methods would be too expensive, difficult or time consuming.
Uniwall pools eliminate design unknowns, costly field engineering, revisions and guesswork.

Because stainless steel resists the effects of hard use, weathering and settlement, the cracking, bulging and deterioration of short-lived pool systems is eliminated. There is no peeling paint, joint failures, cracking or deteriorating concrete.

Uniwall SPS Pool Systems
Uniwall standardized structural panel pool systems feature a wide range of shapes, sizes and configurations to accommodate fast and easy, unitized bolted pool construction systems. The Uniwall SPS pool is pre-engineered to the exact requirements of each project and features a ceramic tile bullnose and overflow gutter or stainless steel perimeter overflow gutter. Each pool is available in polished stainless steel wall panels or a colorful PVC laminated stainless steel.

With colorful and durable PVC pool linings, a Uniwall pool’s beauty and functionality lasts for years with little or no maintenance. Whether for a multipurpose aquatic facility, a high-level competition pool, a training facility or lap pool, an elevated specialty pool or an exotic resort pool, there is a Uniwall pool for every project.

Specialty Pools
When Planning a “special” pool that requires extra creativity, flexibility or structural know-how, Uniwall pools offer complete design solutions for today’s innovative facilities and the most unique designs.

Complete pool systems are available for wave pools and water play-grounds, health facilities, whirlpools and therapy pools or the most challenging aquatic environment.

Elevated Pool Systems
When space constraints or design requirements require that a pool goes above ground, a Uniwall stainless steel pool is the answer.

All Uniwall pools feature modular, fast “all-climate construction” that moves with the building and buttress systems that support the pool decking. They are hydrostatically tested, crack-free, durable and watertight.

Elevated and on-ground pool systems are available for hotel, apartment and health club pools, office buildings, institutional and medical facilities. Easy to install and virtually maintenance free, Uniwall pools are tailored for each application and installation.

Competition Pools and Training Facilities
Uniwall pools create the ideal environment for competition swimming, training or lap swimming with pool configurations tailored to the exacting requirements of FINA, US Swimming, NCAA and international requirements. The smooth finished perimeter gutter is continuous around the pool perimeter to provide “fast” water and perfect conditions for the highest caliber of competition or training. Available in deck-level and raised deck configurations.

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