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Stainless Steel Whirlpools & Spas (New Construction)

Stainless Steel Whirlpools, Spas and Hydrotherapy Pools:
Our Uniwall™ stainless steel whirlpools and spas are ideal for health spas, hotels, athletic trainings, hospitals, rehabilitation clinics, and just about anywhere that the soothing effects of hot water in motion are desirable. Each system is pre-engineered, easy to install and durable.

A wide range of sizes, depths and shapes are available in custom and standard configurations that include complete mechanical and filtration systems, access equipment and rehabilitation systems, counter swim and hydrotherapy options. In ground, free standing and elevated systems can be provided to meet special requirements.

For Larger therapy pools and spas requiring extra creativity and flexibility, we adapt our pre-engineered Uniwall Swimming Pool Systems and integrated components to meet the needs of today’s most innovation spa designs or the special requirements of hydrotherapy and aquatic exercise.

We will provide years of trouble-free service with minimal upkeep and maintenance. We make sure your systems are designed to provide sparkling clean and clear water.

Uniwall™ Stainless Steel Spas
Uniwall systems take the worry and guesswork out of hydrotherapy pool or spa design. Often, over emphasis is placed on the features or optional equipment while little thought is given to the all-important pool structure or shell.

Every facility is unique, with different needs, wants and budget constraints. We are positioned to respond to the particular requirements of practically any facility.

From hospitals and clinics, to health clubs, and facilities for physically challenged seniors, we offer products and systems, which combine to provide the right hydrotherapy pool solution.

Our experienced staff will work with you and your professionals to select and specify the right assortment of equipment, systems and options for your clientele and programming.

Stainless Steel Construction

Each hydrotherapy pool starts with our proven Uniwall stainless steel construction system. In a hospital, clinic or therapy situation, stainless steel is the ideal pool construction material. With its low maintenance, virtually unlimited lifespan and hygenic qualities, whirlpools and spas are the perfect fit. They will not crack, deteriorate or leak and the stainless steel finish is easy to maintain and attractive.

Uniwall elevated hydrotherapy pools or spas are specially designed for projects that require installation above the ground floor. These all-welded stainless steel units are structurally certified, completely watertight and can be custom designed and fabricated to provide exactly the right fit for your facility. Uniwall whirlpools and spas may be constructed to virtually any shape, depth or configuration.

For in-ground applications, stainless steel wall systems may be combined with a concrete floor to create a cost effective hydrotherapy pool. The Uniwall system includes all-welded construction and a pre-engineered structural support system to insure years of trouble free service.

We have standard therapy pool designs, configurations and options that can be tailored to your needs. Parallel bars, access ramps, padded floor surfaces, resistance jet units and even underwater treadmills can be incorporated into your hydrotherapy pool.

Technical Aspects
The technical aspects of filtration, recirculation, water motion, access and hydrotherapy effects are thoroughly engineered to your requirements. If your designs or requirements call for water in motion in any form, we provide the equipment, systems and pool configuration to make the project easier, more cost effective and ensures that it works right the first time.

Optional Features
Features of a whirlpool therapy pool and spa can include hydrotherapy, terraced depths, temperature modulation, underwater exercise equipment, submerged walking tracks, underwater viewing/video windows, access equipment, counter-swim systems as well as parallel bars, exercise bars and walk-in steps areas. Even the bottom of your pool can move up and down to meet varying requirements.

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