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Structural Painting

Are your production areas dark and depressing?

We can paint your industrial plants interior ceiling, sidewalls and structural steel in Snow White to improve lighting, visibility, safety and even productivity.

A bright and clean industrial plant translates into an aesthetically pleasing environment for both customers and workers.

It takes the right combination of talent and knowledge along with quality workmanship to make a difference.

We are ready to serve you twenty-four hours a day if the need of your project demands. We are committed to meeting any timetable for completion that is practical using our experienced working crews.

Painting the interior of your plant

  • Increases light or luminous intensity in your plant as much as 30%, without paying for additional light fixtures or larger electric bills which last forever.
  • Creates a more pleasant and safer work environment for your employees. National studies indicate that by creating a work environment that an employee feels comfortable in, you can increase their productivity by as much as 23%.

From a Marketing and Sales point of view…
your facility will present a better appearance to visiting customers. Presenting a professional image translates into increased sales and profitability.

From a Production point of view…
increasing worker productivity translates into lower production costs.

From a Human Resources point of view…
your employees will take more pride in their workplace. Employee morale will improve translating into a larger human resource pool to select from.

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