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Tank lining advantages using 100% solid epoxies:
We use a lot of thick-film products over thin-film products because thin-film coatings require several coats to reach a specified DFT thickness. Thick-film coatings and linings are applied in a single coat at a thickness between for 20 to 250 mils DFT, thereby reducing labor cost and increasing the speed with which the area is returned to service.

There are no inter-coat adhesion problems when using single coat systems. Multiple coats systems increase the risk of inter-coat adhesion problems thereby making application more difficult. Using a single coat system can eliminate inter-coat adhesion problems.

  • 100% solid epoxies lining systems have little or no VOC’s making these coatings less hazardous to apply.
  • 100% solid epoxies lining systems are fast curing usually within hours rather than days. This fast cure advantage substantially reduces the related cost of a tank or containment area being out of service.
  • 100% solid epoxies lining systems offer superior impact and abrasion resistance compared with thin-film coatings. This is important to the life of the coated area.
  • 100% solid epoxies lining systems offer excellent chemical resistance for continuous immersion in harsh environments.
  • 100% solid epoxies lining systems will reduce the cost of a job, from labor cost to the cost related to a tank, vessel or secondary containment being out of service thus minimizing the cost to our customers in lost service and production time.
  • 100% solid thick-film epoxies lining systems will extends the life of the tank, vessel or secondary containment over thin-film system.
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