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PVC Pool Resurfacing

PVC Membrane Systems:
PVC membrane systems is 60 mil thick, flexible blanket with a strong inner core of polyester mesh fabric. Designed specifically for commercial swimming pool applications. PVC systems dramatically reduces construction and renovation costs, limits maintenance and extends the life of your facility.

Manufactured from specially formulated PVC and reinforced with high strength polyester mesh core. This PVC system is custom-fit and bonded on-site to provide an attractive, easily maintained, virtually watertight pool surface. You will never have to sandblast, plaster, patch, caulk, paint or recoat your pool again!


  • Public/Institutional pools
  • Club Facilities
  • Hotels and Condominiums
  • Elevated Pool Construction
  • Water Features

Cost Effective & Time Efficient:
Pool lining systems provide lower maintenance and operating costs. Completely eliminates periodic painting, patching and other pool coating maintenance. Its poreless surface and antimicrobial treatment make this PVC system a breeze to clean, and the watertight design aids in reducing chemical consumption and heating costs.

PVC Membrane System Data:

  • Safe and Comfortable
  • Watertight
  • Attractive and Durable
  • Resistant to Algae, Mold, & Mildew
  • 1 0 year Warranty
  • Low Maintenance
  • Eliminates Pool Coating Maintenance

Fits the Shape:
The PVC membrane system can be made to fit any shape or size. Custom cut, fitted and fuse bonded on-site, our system is tailored to each installation. Details such as inlets, drains and overflow gutters are made permanently watertight. Lane markings, wall targets, depth markings and even custom logos may be permanently applied using special PVC material. The installation system allows for a tailored fit for in-ground, on-ground or elevated swimming pools. Previously difficult installations are made possible. Un-like conventional coatings, the PVC pool lining system can be installed in almost any weather. The drastic reduction of downtime for installation makes it possible to renovate your pool facility in record time. The end result is a beautiful pool for many years to come.

Three Eye Catching Colors:
Create a beautiful pool that has an amazingly long life with Sky Blue, Caribbean Blue and White. A special Black material is available for racing lanes, targets, custom logos and other pool details. Each color come smooth and slip-resistant for added safety for gutters, steps, wading pools and other high traffic areas.

PVC Lining Systems are not only for pools:
Specialty PVC lining systems can add years of continuous service to fountains, reflecting pools, storage tanks and secondary oil containment or any other special application where containment or absolute waterproofing is required.

We offer perfect, custom engineered solutions. Using much of the technology developed for the swimming pool systems. PVC pool linings have a multitude of applications-ranging from simple pond liners through custom industrial tank linings, specialty waterproofing, and isolation liners. We have products and technology to respond to almost any requirement.

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